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Introducing our new Northern Plasma  table 100% made in the USA.

This is the only complete package sold in the US with the downdraft table, the windows blue tooth control, the plasma power supply, the software and the exhaust fan all for one low price!

The Northern Plasma table will have a full cutting area 4' x 4'. The X axis will have dual NEMA
34 hi torque motors for squaring the gantry at startup and the gantry will have a NEMA 34 hi torque motor. As shown in the photos, the hardened  and ground guides are furnished on the X and Y and the Z axis for solid position accuracy and repeatability of the torch. There is a magnetic break away at the torch head to prevent torch damage in case of a part tip up. The torch will shut down and when the obstruction is removed you can restart where you left off In the program.  

The control is windows based and is connected by blue tooth so that you can operate from any position without wires to drag behind you. You can cut anything from any other program that is sent in a DXF format and it will convert to a cut file ready to be cut. DXF is the most common two dimensional file type for cutting shapes that is available. There are many canned shapes and you can put ant shape in the library and it becomes an active shape that can be modified in any desired direction.

The position of the 12" fan is under the table connected to a 12" elbow that we furnish. We cut the hole for in the center of the table and furnish a 10' length of flex exhaust hose with it. The electrical 110 outlet near where you are going to put the table and a 220 disconnect or plug in at The same area for the plasma power supply. the 220 outlet should have a 30 amp breaker or disconnect with slow blow fuses for the plasma power supply. The start up is about the same as the inrush current for a electric motor but then levels off. A separate ground rod for the table is used to keep hi frequency from bothering other things in your building. Compressed air maintained 100 psi through out the cut is important and a filter for the air to keep moisture out helps make a good clean cut.

You are responsible for all building penetration and all electrical to the table. We furnish a Hypertherm Powermax 45 or Thermal Dynamics A40 with an industrial machine torch with the table. There is a starter kit for consumables and replacements are available on line or from your local welding supply store.

Northern Plasma will build  the above system as pictured in the photos  and with all the components above For the sum of  $12,500.00


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