Note in the back ground the 5 x 10 table has been working for them for the last 5 years and prompted the order for the 6 x 30 plasma table. 

Exhaust Panels

Northern Plasma Heavy Duty 12 ft x 100 ft Plasma Table. Full Milling and Drilling capability. With Oxyfuel and Plasma. Built in 1996

This plasma table is in the middle of construction. The table size is 6 x 30  heavy duty it will have removable sections in the middle of the table so the it will accept a 26ft steel I beam. The table will have exhaust panels all the way down the table at each section. The exhaust system will come on automatic. ( please see photo below )

Test cut 1 inch steel plate. Cut with the powermax 125

 The photo above shows the height adjustable heavy duty rollers that will aliow you to cut profiles in I beams and box beams. The photo below shows the  removable sections in place with the rollers.

When the gantry  is aproching the exhaust panels will open and close as it passes to the next one. you can see this in the photo on the right.

Test cut 3/4 inch steel plate. Cut with the powermax 125

The customer has had this 6 x 30 ft  plasma table for a few weeks. The customer sent these photos of the plasma table cutting 5 x 30 ft steel plate by 1" material. With no problem. Power by the powermax 125. The exhaust works so good that no smoke is getting into the shop.

Exhaust Panels

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You can clearly see the exhaust panels that run all the way down the table.

The table is now set in place.

3/7/2017 the 6 x 33 plasma table was delivered to the customer