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Below are several pictures of the same table that was featured on the show..

(ARK Plasma Sales is not affiliated with the show American Loggers or the Discovery Channel network. American Loggers is a registered trademark of the Discovery network. The Pelletier family that was featured on the American Loggers show graciously provided us with material for the website)

Here is our latest HVAC table with torch height control, and magnetic torch breakaway safety mechanism that protects the investment. At ARK Plasma, we are always searching for new ways to improve our products, and to give you the greatest value !

​(picture below)

This is ARK Plasma's Oxy / Fuel Combo table that was seen on the American Loggers show.

It was purchased by the Pelletier family, who was featured on American Loggers, and we thank them for their kindness in sharing this clip with us.

It is a water plasma table, and it has a capability of cutting steel up to 6" thick ! !

We take pride in building these tables.

They are hand made, right here in the USA.

And thats the way it should be.

We produce high quality American machinery, for the hard working American people.

We invite you to inquire on how our table options can help your business to achieve greater success !