The above plasma table ia a 6 x 12 with the Thermal Dynamice Ulter Cut 400 XT. Below is the oxy Fuel torch.

Made by Northern Plasma

Chain cutting

Integrated mag drill and plasma combo system

Northern Plasma 6 x 12 water table the unit to the right is a iCNC XT211 controller Thermal Dynamics below is Auto-cut 200XT torch is to the right.

Northern Plasma 4x4 water table with A Hypertherm power supply

 3/8" plate cut on the water table using the Hypertherm power supply

400 Watt Laser

  This is A Northern Plasma water table. Power by Hypertherm Powermax 85 This customer is in TX and as you can see he making good use of his new plasma table as you can see in the phots below.

The above Northern Plasma fab table 5 x 5  with the Hypertherm 105 Powermax. Cutting 3/8" diamond plate. Sold to a customer in Lawrence MA

1" plate cut with oxy fuel 

Fiber optic laser cutting


            ARK PLASMA

Northern Plasma 4x4 water table with Hypertherm 85 power supply cutting 3/16" 304 stainless steel.

Water table

Northern Plasma 5 x 10 table with Thermal Dynamics A120 power supply.

Common line cutting

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The above Northern Plasma table is a 5 x 10 with the Thermal Dynamice A120. Sold to a company in Portland ME.  Cutting 14ga stainless steel.

3 horsepower drilling head with high def plasma


1000 Watt Laser

Northern Plasma Fabrication table 5 x 10 with the Thermal Dynamics A120 Cutting 1/2" steel in  Van Buren, ME