plasma table



$ 34,995.oo

Table features:

- Shop Data Systems software full SMACNA standards

- Thermal Dynamics A-40 or Hypertherm Powermax 45 Industrial Torch

- Windows (TM) based control with laptop computer and wireless label printer

-Gantry is constructed out of 4/6 aluminum tube

-Table is constructed out of 3" square tubing with 10ga sides and bottom and is a 1 piece welded construction

-2 down-draft openings built into base bottom

-Floating head with magnetic breakaway, which will avoid damage to torch head when part "tip ups" occur

-Browning or Martin racks and gears, both sides

- HIWIN hardened and ground linear guides, both sides

-NEMA 34 motors, both sides for self squaring gantry

- Lifetime telephone and internet support

- 1 Year Warranty

A company in Providence RI enjoying the new Northern Plasma 5 x 10 table.

Rotary liner cutter head on magnetic breakaway

Just swap positions for either liner or plasma

 Northern Plasma 4 x 4 with the Thermal Dynamics A40 was sold to a school in Northern California. Training was done on 10.24.2016. The instructor is very pleased with the table and training.


Tin Knocker Plasma table in Madisonville T.N with a Thermal Dynamics A40 power supply

Thank you Ron, for the sale and service of our plasma table. We’ve had the machine two years now and it has been as reliable and productive as was advertised. Every time we’ve called you’ve answered the phone promptly and have been very helpful.

Thank you again,
Ronnie Ellis
East Texas Refrigeration


This company in Alamo Texas was happy to have the new Northern Plasma table with Thermal Dymanics A40. No more cutting fitting by hand.

 5x10 plasma table with Thermal Dynamics A40 power supply built by Northern Plasma. This table is in Northwood Ohio. This company is over the top with Custom design ventilation systems and make up air.

Nice job guy's.

This  customer in Caribou Maine joined the Northern Plasma family

Tin Knocker in Logan UT with Thermal Dynamics A40 power supply. Built by Northern Plasma

Happy Customers in Utah

Tin Knocker plasma table in N.C. Built by Northern Plasma

Combo liner plasma cutter

* Add this liner cutter option for $3,500

   Bob, we have just completed our training on our 5x10 Northern Plasma table here at Nyzio Heating & Air Conditioning. I wanted to reach out to you to let you know how excited and impressed we are with not only the product, but also the support and training you have provided . Our new Northern Plasma table has exceeded our expectations both in quality, efficiency and speed. Ron has equally exceeded our expectations as an instructor. Ron was extremely motivated and informative. Any questions  or concerns we had were quickly and clearly explained providing a level of confidence and understanding of our new table . I could not help but notice Ron's professional and helpful attention to other customers on the phone as well. While we ran our new table, putting product out the door, Ron did not spare one second. Ron was utilizing what others would see as down time to help other customers troubleshoot any issues they encountered with their investments. I would like to thank you, Ron, and your entire staff at Northern Plasma for a wonderful experience and for helping us grow as a business.

                                               Ben Nyzio

1 more Northern Plasma table at a collage

Northern Plasma 5 x 10 with the A40 power supply sold to a customer in MA.


             A PLASMA

Northern Plasma 4 x 8 water table with the Thermal Dynamics A40. Sold to a customer in CT. Training was done on 6/9/2016 & 6/10/2016.  A  happy customer.


5x20 foot plasma table

Put your name on your plasma table this company did.

Price includes :

- Setup and training at your facility

plasma table



$ 44,995.oo

The Tin knocker plasma table with the Hypertherm powermax 45

5x10 plasma table with the liner cutter option. Power by Thermal Dynamics A40 built by Northern Plasma. This table is in Ravenna Ohio.