The ARK510 is the backbone of ARK Plasma. This machine has a 5'x10' cutting area. Yes, It actually cuts 60" x 120". The machine comes in either an HVAC or a Torch Height Control configuration. The HVAC machine comes with an air operated drop head and roller ball system designed to ride on the material. This simple system is rugged and reliable. The Torch Height Control system has a motion controlled Z axis that reads the "arc voltage" and maintains the height of the plasma torch above the material.

A lot of machine for your money!

Brand New Plasma machine - top quality components!

Heavy duty frame

Change from Plasma to Oxy at the click of a button

Rack and Pinion drive

The shapes wizard is fast and easy to use to make gussets, flanges, etc.

​Direct drive for precision

Easy to use PC based control

Build full sheet arrays of the same part with ease

The best plasma supply on the market

Easy to use CNC software

Good for a beginner, or trained user!

Heavy duty motors

Change cutting and jog speeds on screen while you are cutting!

"E Stop" and resume cut or line by line control on screen at any time

Down draft style table

Torch height control

Scale and edit import parts from other programs

The interactive on screen buttons are nearly self-explanatory and support a conversational type programming!

Convert .DXF files to G Code automatically with the included wizard