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Artwork from a standard .DFX file

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Pipe cutter

Here is a photo of our pipe cutting assembly.

It just doesn't get any easier than this !

It will cut from 1" pipe, all the way to 18"

Thick wall pipe is no problem !

The table will hold up to 2000 Lbs. at a time !

This picture is a 3" A36 plate being cut with ease.

A short video showing the precision of our machine.

This picture is a 1" plate being cut with ease.

You can clearly see here that the finish of the cut was absolutely perfect !

Our booth at the 2011 Eastec show

Here is a picture of the Oxy Fuel Console. It has a Victor Torch and three Victor Gauges that we supply as an option. This baby will cut up to NINE INCH THICK steel !!

Control panel for plasma cutter

Here is a screen shot of the plasma table in action.

The part on the screen is the piece being cut in the video below.

The finished product is the cutout sheet seen below on the right.

This picture is a set of gears that we cut out of 1 1/2" plate. The cut was so clean, we didn't even have to grind them to make them ready for use !